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Well, The F-Max Offset Driver could be the answer to your prayers. Improved technology allows golfers to counter their swing faults to a certain extent and still achieve sufficient control to land most of their drives on the short stuff thus making golf a much more enjoyable sport.

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Characteristics of a forgiving driver are that it offers maximum forgiveness across the whole face producing longer drivers even on off-center hits. In this review, we will provide some feedback on the drivers that are available in the market to assist you in overcoming some of your shortcomings and make the game of golf enjoyable rather than a pure frustration. Every golfer doesn’t need to carry a driver in his/her bag but you would take a lot of enjoyment out of the game by excluding this club from your bag. These clubs allow each golfer for more testing and experimenting on the driving range. This started back with the original Big Bertha models, and they just keep getting better.

The technology allows even shots Steam for Windows 10 that are hit thinly to achieve similar distances as well-struck shots. If you miss on either side of the fairway this is not for you as it will exaggerate the draw and hooks. The F-Max delivers on the claims that you will achieve less of a slice using this driver. There is a definite right to left shape on any semi decently struck shot. The club cannot be blamed for exaggerated swing issues but will address most issues.

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Now, with the right graphite shaft and loft angles, you will barely lose any distance with your bad shots. The reason is that the club will come into the ball with a shut or open face which will result in a slice or hook. Drivers designed with a high MOI are more resistant to this twisting, thus making your mishits more likely to retain ball speed and fly straighter. For example, a shift of the CG of a driver forward can lead to lower loft and less spin. But moving the CG back will result in higher loft and more spin.

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One of the swing paths that most newer and intermediate golfers experience is the left to the right path. We are not talking a fade here that travels a few meters left to right, we talk about the wild left to right slice that ends up under the trees or in the water.