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If you run Windows XP, and have ANY inkling to start editing video on your computer, I recommend downloading the 2.0 upgrade. The program is free, handles basic and advanced editing, and is incredibly easy to use.

These apps are for people who like to capture and share videos from their smartphones and edit videos on the go. While there are many great video editing apps out there, this list covers some of the best, most intuitive, and free to use video software for mobile devices. VideoPad is one of the best video editing tools to take your first steps into the world of multimedia video editing. It’s perfect for anyone starting to play around with video compositions as it is simple and easy to use. One of the best free video editing software only available on Windows is VSDC.

You can compare it with the free movie maker and then, pick up the proper one as your daily video editing assistant. Add your photos, video, music, and whatever else you want to include, and it will automatically edit and create your video.

I don’t use Windows Live Movie Maker anymore, but I can say that when I did, it showed me what the fundamentals to making a video are so I could learn more complicated techniques down the line. If you’re itching to make flashy videos, Windows Live Movie Maker will disappoint you. If you just want a free way to edit videos on the fly, then you’ll find that Movie Maker does the job. As you’d expect, videos, still images, and audio can be imported into the timeline with ease. Once there, they can be cropped, swapped around, and various effects added. There’s also the option to rotate and crop videos, add overlays, effects and transitions, along with the expected standard editing tools.

  • With all these functions to perform with iTunes, there is a downside to it as well.
  • There is so much to do with iTunes but it can’t be all without fail.
  • It is not that iTunes is not great in looking but it is bloated.
  • It excels other software for its smart feature to compare the songs in iTunes library with the ones in iPod device to automatically remind you of the duplicates with a blue dot.

The Movie Maker program has finally matured to the point that it can now do anything a home-movie creator could ever want. To alleviate the video-editing gap between Mac and PC, Microsoft created the free Windows Movie Maker editing program. This program debuted back in 2000 as a bundled app within the Windows Me operating system. Movie Maker 1.0 allowed users to take imported video clips, line them up into a kind of “video slideshow,” and export them as a movie. 7 Zip The program was easy to use, but had many shortcomings with limited effects and transitions. The biggest drawback was the inability to import/export into common formats (i.e. from a digital camcorder).

With their help, you can combine your videos to create real movies. In summary, Windows Live Movie Maker is a very simplistic, yet useful free video editing software. The tools given are the bare minimum needed to make a video, but as a result aren’t too hard to grasp. Using it over time, you will learn what certain edits do and can develop your own editing style to use in more advanced software.

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Your finished video can then be rendered and exported into a suitable format, and even uploaded directly to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. Some of the video editing features of this program include adding subtitles, clipping out sections you don’t want in the video, removing or adding audio, and merging or joining videos. You might want a video editing program if you need to extract audio from a video or add different audio, cut out parts of the video, add subtitles, build a DVD menu, merge video files, or fade a video in or out. Using free video editing software is a convenient way to edit your videos. Plus, most of them are so easy to use that they’re great for beginning editors. Overall, MovieMaker 2.0 is a great video editor, and a significant advancement over previous versions.

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Another detriment was the ME operating system itself and the resulting difficulties in transferring digital video off a camcorder and onto a computer’s hard drive. For simple video editing and creating needs, lots of free moviemaker can satisfy your needs well. But if you want to create some awesome video clip or effect , I’d like to recommend you to have a trial on the professional video maker software like Filmora Video Editor, Avid Media Composer, etc. What’s more, a practical movie maker for beginner and semi-professional are also introduced in this post.

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This list of the best video maker apps will help you no matter your level of experience. By the end, you’ll know which are the best free video editors, which video editors come with music, and which video maker apps also teach you how to use the app to make clean video edits.