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Unfortunately most ISPs give customers dynamic IP addresses which change every time you reconnect. In order to access your KiwiSDR over the internet you’ll need a broadband internet connection with at least 40kB/s upload speeds. You’ll also need a decent data plan, as if your KiwiSDR is popular and used often in theory you could reach up to 105 GB of usage a month.

The rating system also does not accurately reflect the best receivers. After searching for a while you should be able to find some with good reception. One of the promises of crowd sourced, networked radios like the KiwiSDR is that they could one day be used for some interesting citizen science experiments. The KiwiSDR hardware is ready for these experiments, as thanks to the GPS clock data can be easily synchronized among multiple networked receivers.

There must always be a user connected to a OpenWebRX browser session running the WSPR decoder. This takes up 1 of the four connections slots available and requires you to have a PC or mobile device constantly connected. The good news is that the developer says that background decoding is a feature that will appear in the future, although it seems that it will still take up one user slot. Any connected user can start up a WSPR receiver on your KiwiSDR, and if you’ve entered your callsign details in the KiwiSDR setup pages then the decodes will be automatically submitted to If you’re not a ham and don’t have a callsign but still want to contribute to WSPRnet, then KiwiSDR recommend using the ‘SWL’ prefix together with your grid location. Thanks to the GPS disciplined oscillator, frequency stability is excellent.

The Bridge Between Your Weather Station And The Internet

Everything is exactly on frequency and there is zero drift as the unit warms up, or the ambient temperature changes. Now to K-Lite Codec Pack get your KiwiSDR to show up on, you’ll need to register for an account, obtain your API key, and enter this into the appropriate KiwiSDR admin page. If a static IP address is not possible from your ISP , then you can sign up to the free hostname service. This service works by giving you a public web address that always resolves to your dynamic public IP address. Software running on the KiwiSDR ensures that the service always knows your public IP even when it changes.

People using 4G mobile connections should ensure they are able to pay for that much data. One minor issue is that the KiwiSDR takes 5V DC via a 2.1mm barrel connector which is on the KiwiSDR PCB. The DC power adapter also must be able to supply at least 1.5A. There is a standard microUSB connector on the BeagleBone PCB, but it not capable of powering the unit with enough current, so the 5V barrel connector is the only way to apply power. The KiwiSDR does not come with a DC power adapter so you will need to purchase your own 5V DC supply.

Linked here is the official KiwiSDR bug/feature request list, and below are our biggest wishes. The good thing about the KiwiSDR is that you don’t even need to use your own unit to do the decoding. You can of course connect to someone else’s unit over the internet and decode from their signal. Although if you are planning on doing long periods of decoding it might be considered rude to hog one of the four connection slots for long periods of time. However, at the moment on sdr.hueven the best receivers are terribly underutilized, with there being zero users most of the time so hogging is unlikely to be an issue. One disappointment , is that WSPR decoding cannot be run in the background.

The software for this service is already baked into the KiwiSDR firmware so all you need to do is enter your account credentials into the KiwiSDR admin page. Then ideally, you’ll need to get a fixed static IP address from your ISP so that guests can always enter the same IP address to connect to your KiwiSDR. An IP address is a unique number that uniquely identifies your internet connection in the world.

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There is a lot of potential in wideband 24/7 HF receivers like the KiwiSDR. Right now the software is quite basic, but hopefully in the future we’ll see some interesting developments.