Adopt a Cheetah for Zander’s Birthday

Adopt a Cheetah for Zander’s Birthday

Inspired by his kindergarten enrichment class 'The Cheetah's', Zander would like to request in Lieu of a gift this year a donation be made towards his goal to raise $200 for WWF resulting in the adoption of 4 Cheetahs. Cheetahs are threatened by hunting, habitat loss and the decline of prey populations.. Your donation will support WWF's conservation work with Cheetahs and all animals around the globe.
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Zander's love of Cheetahs and all wildlife was inspired and intensified this year through his enrichment class, The Cheetahs. Here he learnt Cheetahs are the worlds fastest land animal and are capable of sprinting at speeds up to 70 miles per hour. He also learnt that Cheetahs are threatened by hunting and habitat loss and whilst he's only 6, he feels empowered to make a difference where he can.

Your donations will go towards the adoption of several Cheetahs through the Adopt an animal campaign with WWF.

We thank you in advance for helping a little boy understand that even little people can make a difference in our world.

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World Wildlife Fund

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  • Daddy
    You did it monkey. $200 and 4 cheetahs. So proud of you xx
  • Jenny Lewis
    Proud of you little man
  • Daniel P
    Happy birthday, Zander! :)
  • Matthew Verity
    Happy Birthday Zander. This is a great cause and we hope that you make your target. We are proud of you for helping out. Uncle Matt, Aunty Sare, Is and Ava
  • Mica & Popman
    Happy Birthday Zander - hope you have a wonderful party and what a great way to celebrate by helping to save the Cheetahs - Love you
  • Reese and Ryan
    Happy Birthday Zander!!
  • Riley Hill
    Happy birthday, Zander! Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help save the Cheetahs!
  • Kylie Lewis
    So proud of you little man!


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