Help Keep Snow Around!

Help Keep Snow Around!

I am giving my birthday to POW (Protect Our Winters) because winters are so important. I want to be able to ski my whole life- no snow, no skiing! And, if we don't have snow in the winter we won't have any water in the spring or summer.
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I love to ski and if there isn't snow I won't be able to ski any more.  I want to be able to ski my whole life and if we don't help to protect the planet then there won't be any more snow.   It is also important to protect our winters because we need snow so that we have water in the spring and the summer!

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Protect Our Winters

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  • Heather Kazarian
  • Mason
    This is such an awesome cause, Odin! Thanks for helping keep Colorado so beautiful. Happy Birthday!
  • Will & Maddie
    We love playing in the snow too Odin and are so happy to give to your birthday cause. What a great idea!
  • Harper Jason
    Happy Birthday Odin!
  • Molly and Paul Melamed
    Great idea, keep those winter storms coming because we LOVE skiing with you!
  • Jodi
    We are so happy to share in and support your love of snow! Thank you for your kindness and generosity to our Mother Earth. We love you Super Amazing Awesome Odin!
  • Mama & Papa
    Odin we are so proud of you for sharing your day with POW! Your generosity will help protect our planet and our winters so that we can continue to enjoy the snow as a family!


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