Kinsey’s 7th Birthday!

Kinsey’s 7th Birthday!

It's Kinsey's 7th birthday! In lieu of gifts we are asking friends and family to donate to Kinsey's birthday campaign. She has chosen Save the Whales because she is concerned about endangered species.
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Kinsey has been working on a non-fiction book about whales in her writing group at school. She has been learning about what they look like, what they eat, where they live, etc... It has also come to her attention that they are in danger of becoming extinct. She is very concerned about their well being so she made posters at school to hang up in the hallways and has been talking with a group of her friends at school to educate them about this topic. They even started a "Whales Club."

While she would like to fix the problem herself she understands that money is necessary to get this information out to more people and make greater gains towards saving these animals and other ocean creatures. Save the Whales uses its donations to help fund education and outreach programs to schools. At the end of her birthday campaign Kinsey and her amazing 1st grade teacher, Ms Maggie, will be sending a letter to the organization telling them about her efforts at school as well as the total amount donated from this fundraiser.

Thank you for helping Kinsey reach her goal!


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Save the Whales Inc.

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  • Caroline Sober-James
    What an awesome idea, Kins! Whales are wonderful, and certainly deserve our help. We hope you’ve had a happy birthday, and we’re so glad to have been a part of it!
  • Dave Ryan
  • Austin Shiffler
    Hope you have a good birthday! Great cause!
  • Bert Pinsonneault
  • Grandpa & Tracy
    Happy birthday Kinsey! We are soooo proud of you and your generous heart.
  • Miss Judy
    Thank you for the birthday money, Miss Judy!
  • Brooklyn
    Happy Birthday! You are great! Bye Kinsey! Love, Brooklyn
  • Nick, Jaci, Cate, Livi Saeger
    Happy Birthday Kins! What an awesome way to give to others! ❤️
  • Grady & Marketa
    Happy 7th Birthday, Kinsey! We love you!
  • Elliott Vandermuss
    Happy Birthday, Kinsey! Thanks for making a difference with your special day.


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